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Health Organizers is a Naturopathic Medicine Consultancy not a conventional medicine practice.

Naturopathic Medicine

6 Principles govern how we help you

About Natural Medicine

It's All about Digestion Health

My mission is to strive to help your body to restore health to itself naturally by helping you get back in tune with Nature's 9 Health Laws! To do this we use the 6 principles of naturopathic medicine below.

  • THE HEALING POWER OF NATURE: The body has the innate ability to restore health to itself, in the way that a cut on the hand can heal on its own without an individual even being aware of the injury!
  • DISCOVER THE CAUSE(S): At times the body is overwhelmed and needs assistance in restoring health. Symptoms are the body signaling that a problem exists. Therefore, only by searching for the underlying cause(s) of the problem and striving to remove them, can the body then attempt to restore health.
  • CONSIDER THE WHOLE PERSON: We understand the complex interplay between the mind, body and spirit, and how they each vitally influence the health of each unique individual. Even though two people are diagnosed with the same illness, the cause(s) may differ!
  • DO NO HARM:  It is our goal and pleasure to assist your body in creating optimal general health and wellness, without exacerbating your current health condition.
  • DOCTOR IS TEACHER: We will share with you the principles of Nature's 9 health laws that will enable you to begin creating powerful health!
  • PREVENTION: By learning how your unique system operates, you can daily make lifestyle choices that work towards creating health!

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